Project North is a production duo from The Netherlands comprised of Josh Brust and Jeroen Dekker. Known for their hard-hitting acoustic based dance music,
the two spent years honing their strange blend of acoustic dance, hip-hop, and Latin music. Notorious for their unique sounds and effects, the duo came forth as having created their own instruments, effects and programs, all to have
a sound that nobody could fully recreate.

Previously known as “DAMSTERAM & JRND”, the two used their former identity to build a foundation of powerful connections and releases in order to
launch Project North with a pre-existing fanbase. From day one, they knew they wanted to develop their own sound and style in order to prevent themselves from being locked down to a single genre; so whether it is a soulful tune with vibrant guitars or a heavy hitting Latin/hip-hop production, Project North fits the bill.

With their debut release, “Think Twice”, Project North demonstrates a powerful and diverse production that sets the mood for coming releases. Dubbed, “Acoustic Bass”, an intimate and soft introduction is complimented by a passionate vocal performance by Darrick Atwater. As the intensity builds, Ja-P lays down a powerful and groove-filled rap in his unparalleled style. Set for release on the 27th of April, the duo has a string of releases already lined up to follow.

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